About Us

Crush Your Fat Genes uses a scientifically proven, physician-directed weight-loss approach with a multi-pronged course of treatment. Its comprehensive five-factor weight-loss method includes:

  • Nutrition counseling and training
  • Exercise and activity guidance
  • Metabolic evaluation and treatment
  • Hormonal review and management
  • Psychological analysis and cognitive/behavioral therapy

Gregory Oliver, DO, understands that a thorough medical evaluation is necessary to uncover the reasons behind the excess weight. Genes, biochemistry, hormones, and emotional feelings about food make it easy to gain weight and hard to lose it.

Metabolic and hormonal disorders can cause obesity. In these cases, weight gain is beyond the patient’s control — it’s a medical matter. 

 Crush Your Fat Genes focuses on preventing and reversing the disorders related to diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. For patients who are on blood pressure or cholesterol medication, this weight-loss approach may enable them to stop taking medication completely as their health issues resolve.