Oliver Hacker Health Being overweight is a medical disorder. To eliminate the excess body fat requires medical treatment. We’re here to end the weight loss struggle and treat this genetic, biochemical, and hormonal disease. Our mission is to help you Crush Your Fat Genes and Live Lean, Live Long, and Live Life to the Fullest!
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Enjoy tasty healthy portion-controlled snacks that you may use throughout the day.

Along with these healthy snacks, understanding your attitude toward food goes a long way toward changing dysfunctional patterns. The counseling and coaching that is provided helps you stay on track.

A scientifically based approach to weight loss helps ensure results.  You lose weight the natural way and avoid risky and painful surgery.

Dr. Oliver’s patients typically lose 12-20 pounds during the first month when they adhere to the treatment protocol.

Support for your health journey is important for long-term weightloss success.

Dr. Oliver monitors you but also has a health coach to guide and monitor your treatment and progress. Your health coaches make adjustments regularly based on your response to treatment.

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Program Content (What you get)

  • Lean on Me, Your Journey to Forever Thin by Dr. Gregory Oliver
  • LEAN 51 Manual
  • Snack Meals for 1 month
  • Weight Loss Vitamin Packs for 1 month ( formulated for weight reduction)
  • AppTame Appetite Suppressant for 1 month
  • PREPAID Blood work order from Dr. Oliver to be drawn at any Labcorp facility in U.S.
  • Written analysis of lab tests and treatment recommendations from Dr. Oliver
  • Inner Diet psychological screener and Cognitive/Behavioral Program
  • Access to Monthly 1 hour teleconference office visit with Dr. Oliver and Coach Macie
  • Access to Daily “Weigh-In” Message
  • Access to Weekly Podcast – The Skinny with Dr. Oliver and Coach Macie
  • Access to Weekly Blog Post
  • Beginners exercise video by Coach Macie
  • Crush Your Fat Genes Portal for instructional and motivation content
  • Private Crush Your Fat Genes Facebook group

Recurring Monthly Package

  • 1 Month Supply Of Snack Meals (150 Snacks)
  • AppTame Appetite Suppressant
  • 1 Month Supply Of Weight Loss Supplement Packs
  • Monthly Teleconference Office Visit With Dr. Oliver and Macie
  • Private Facebook Group

Ready to Reach Your Goal?

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting and trying to lose weight yourself, only to slip back into bad habits, then gaining assistance in your weight-loss efforts can prove transformative. Let us help you make a difference in your life and Crush Your Fat Genes!

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Dr. Gregory Oliver, D.O.

Dr. Oliver is a practicing family physician in Indianapolis who has a passion for preventative healthcare. He focuses on weight reduction, metabolic, and hormonal optimization and has specialized training in Bariatrics and Age- Management Medicine. He graduated from Indiana University and received his medical degree from Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

He’s board certified in family medicine with 32 years of experience assisting patients to live life to the fullest.

Macie Hacker

Macie is a highly motivated and energetic individual with a passion for overall health and wellness. Macie is the Center Director at Fast Clinical Weight Loss where she works individually with each client to achieve his or her weight loss and health goals. She is the co-host for The Skinny Podcast.  Her specialties include exercise prescription, nutrition, teaching, and coaching. Macie is a Butler University alumni- GO DOGS! She holds her masters degree in exercise and nutrition.


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